๐Ÿช™$SONA Token

The Sonata Network Token

Sonata Network has a token that drives the ecosystem, and its called $SONA.

$SONA is our utility and reward token that is distributed via token emissions to lenders and stakers. It is used to purchase things within our ecosystem on our platform. Though it is not an investment vehicle, nor does it represent/act as a โ€œshareโ€, the token represents a free market and is subject to volatility and risk. Holders of this token receive various perks and benefits for holding and staking. We will roll out more of our use-cases and utilities after our presale platform is operational.


Each buy and sell gets taxed 5% respectively. The tax is to sustain our project long term and dissuades short term swing trading of our token. The tax also combats sandwich attacks.

50% of the initial supply has been added to the $SONA liquidity pool. Read more about where the other tokens are going in Disclosures.

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