Lending without Collateralization

The concept of lending out assets without requiring any form of collateral while maintaining ownership is one unique to the blockchain. You can think of borrowing from Sonata like borrowing a flash loan with an indefinite time horizon, but instead of gaining custody of those funds on the platform, the borrowed funds get paired with a newly created token in a liquidity pool.

Loans and Repayments

Unlike other similar protocols, there is no need for manual repayments by borrowers with Sonata. This is due to the fact that borrowers never have custody to the borrowed Ethereum; the protocol handles the liquidity and deployment process entirely.

Once ETH is borrowed and paired with a new token, it is up to the dao and the protocol to manage that liquidity position on behalf of all the lenders in the pool. The dao can vote when to remove liquidity 3 days after the initial TGE. If a token is deemed "unresponsive" by the dao, a vote may conclude and automatically remove liquidity from the pairing. If not, the token will be relocked for another week, and a new dao vote can commence thereafter.

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