⚖️DAO + Governance

How DAOs normally work

A "DAO", which is the popular and convenient acronym for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is formed by a group of people who decide to abide by certain rules to meet common goals. However, what makes DAOs different from other systems is that these rules are written into codes of the organization.

How our DAO works

Anyone can join Sonata's dao.

You do not have to stake to participate in the "voting" mechanism, but you must hold $SONA in your wallet. Sonata has a special way of retrieving capital from deployed tokens utilizing liquidity, to ensure decentralization in the way funds are handled. This is covered more on Collateral page. Lenders (DAO members) can view our dashboard and see all tokens utilizing Sonata's Liquidity. They vote to return the capital to the pool if the borrowed capital is being used inefficiently.

DAO members may be incentivized to participate in this voting system through token emissions.

More benefits and perks to being part of our DAO will be announced and released post launch.

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