🗺️Q1 2024

This page is a rough outline of what we intend to accomplish/implement during the first quarter of 2024. No hard deadlines, only projections.

January 2024

  • Launch of $SONA on Ethereum

  • Release v1 of Sonata Application

  • Normal Presales live on ETH mainnet

  • Sonata Utility Bot - Buy bot, presale alerts, and more.

  • Refining the presale process, adding tier systems, more unique incentive models encouraging participation.

February 2024

  • Token & dApp Auditing - Improving overall security and efficiency.

  • SonaLock - Lock LP tokens for a set time. (Will be used with ALRs)

  • Fair launches - Users can launch tokens with the platform without raising capital at all.

  • Developer Fund - Incentivizing developers to come launch with Sonata.

  • Opera Protocol - Opera will return as a part of the Sonata suite as we await ALRs.

March 2024

  • Staking Pools - Projects launched with Sonata can create staking pools with us and reward their communities.

  • Farms - Curated staking pools with tokens outside of the Sonata ecosystem.

  • Multichain - Looking into expanding our utility onto EVM compatible chains.

  • Services on Sonata - Marketing services for projects to be introduced.

  • Partnerships with other projects in web3.

  • Exploring utility NFTs for Sonata (Exclusive perks and benefits for holders)

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