🤝Revenue Share

Sonata Network is introducing a revenue sharing program that allows holders of the $SONA token to benefit from the success of the decentralized launchpad protocol.

BE AWARE: There has been an increase of wallet drainer attempts on Twitter by imposters tricking people. There is no manual claim process. Do not click any links you see on twitter without verifying that the account is @sonatanetwork.

To be eligible for revenue share, you must hold at least 3,000,000 $SONA in your wallet.

Holding the right amount of $SONA makes you eligible. Every two weeks, revenue collected from projects (5% fee for raising on Sonata Network) is distributed to holders of the token. This program only shares revenue for "normal presales", and not any other products/services on the platform. This process is automatic and does not require any action on behalf of holders.

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