⚠️Risk Disclaimer & Disclosures

The information shared in this documentation is not all encompassing or exhaustive and does not in any way place the development team into a legally binding relationship to guarantee the stated outcomes. The whitepaper and documentation are to facilitate baseline means for due diligence. It is recommended to thoroughly review the whitepaper in its entirety prior to the swapping of any tokens related to this project. The $SONA token does not represent partial ownership of the Sonata Network or affiliated protocols, and does not "entitle" holders to anything physical or tangible. $SONA is not an investment vehicle. There is no expectation of profit when transacting or swapping Sonata tokens. This token is to be used on the platform as a currency to pay for services, and in some cases, can be used by the Sonata project to reward participants. $SONA is highly volatile and is subject to risk as most tokens are owned by our community.


Only 50% of $SONA supply has been added to the initial liquidity. 24% of the supply was gifted to select previous $OPERA holders shortly after launch. This transaction can be found here. These tokens are not vested, and are available to these holders shortly after launch. The remaining 26% has been allocated various places to incentivize growth. This is also in an effort to cultivate a robust community early on. There was no presale or private sale for the Sonata Network token, with the exception of our previous holders as mentioned above.


26% was allocated to ecosystem growth.

~10% was given to various influencers and partners so far. ~5% is reserved for exchanges. ~4% is reserved for our Developer Fund / Community Incentives. ~2% are team tokens.

~5% is left unallocated for additional marketing going forward.

Marketing Wallet: 0xf333Ae72f27ADD83fACca68Dba065eC65Ee61B6B Development Wallet: 0xD00E37190b860904aC8B1E02517d0af11F53e615 Funds accumulated in the development (deployer) wallet belong to the team. Marketing wallet funds are used exclusively for marketing and operations.

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